Newton Nissan South is the #1 Nissan Dealership in Middle TN

#1 Nissan Dealership

Newton Nissan South is currently the #1 Nissan Dealership in Middle Tennessee.  How did a dealership in rural Tennessee 40 miles outside of Nashville become the best Nissan Dealership in Middle Tennessee? 

The answer is simple.

We are committed to putting our customers first and making sure they have fun purchasing a car.  We do this by being transparent and honest throughout the entire process. We value your time so we will move the process along as fast as possible. You can even start your paperwork online now! Just go to the vehicle you are interested it and click “Build My Deal.”

Come see us today, it is worth the drive from Murfreesboro or Franklin to experience our superior service.

*Disclaimer: #1 Nissan Dealership rating based on May 2019 retail sales; does not include Fleet or Rental sales.

Community Spotlight: Boys & Girls Club Bedford County

Boys & Girls Club Bedford County

Newton Nissan South is proud to sponsor local non-profits, schools, sports teams, and community events in and around Bedford County! This month in the spotlight is the Boys & Girls Club of Bedford County! You may recognize this name as a national program, but did you know that they are located right in our backyard here in Shelbyville as well?

Their Mission

The primary goal of the Boys & Girls Club here is to provide year round after school programming for kids ages 5-13. Unlike other programs, the Boys & Girls Club is not limited by the poverty line on who can be helped. Instead, it is a heavily discounted program so that anyone in need can receive affordable after school care for their children.

What They Do

The Boys & Girls Club is a well-rounded program that not only seeks to help students academically, but also give them life skills that they can take home with them. On top of homework help, they plan field trips like swimming and bowling to keep the kids active. They rely on volunteers helping out with this, many of whom are TN Promise college students. If you are interested in volunteering or enrolling your child, you can call their office at (931) 735-6525.

Upcoming Event: End of Summer Carnival

The way Newton Nissan South got involved with the Boys & Girls Club was by becoming a sponsor of their upcoming event, the End of Summer Carnival on July 27th. This is an annual event to celebrate the kids with awards, games, and a water slide. Director Shawn Hart said, “They’ve worked hard, so we plan this event to celebrate them!”

How You Can Help

Right now, the Boys & Girls Club is located at 1055 Madison Street in Shelbyville. “Our sign and building is very small,” Shawn said, “so we are hoping to buy an old school building in the next five years.” Right now, they are only able to hold about 100 kids at a time, and they cannot provide meals without a working kitchen. The school would allow them to provide meals, have more kids involved in the program, and have a full gym to use!

If you would like to donate to the Bedford County Club, please visit this website:

Toward the bottom of the page where it says “Which company or program will you be submitting to?”, simply enter “Shelbyville” or “Bedford County Club” so that your donation is allocated!

We are so happy to help the Boys & Girls Club of Bedford County, and we hope you will help them too!



Our New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time of year!

So we asked our employees at Newton Nissan South what their New Year’s Resolutions are…

here are some of their answers:

Learn a new language like Vietnamese 

Be more successful

Lose weight


Run a marathon in Greece

Curse less

Quit smoking

Have car ready for No-Prep drag race

Get into the gym (same one for three years!)

Get more healthy!

Be more driven, focused, and positive

Start a bucket list

Not eat past 9pm

Exercise more

Save more money

Function like a human being after having a baby!

Be nicer

Learn myself more and be more comfortable in my own skin

To never change! 😉

Connect with old friends, eat healthier and exercise


What are you New Year’s Resolutions?

Share them with us on our Facebook page!

Shelbyville Student Wins Free Car for Good Grades

For the second straight year, Newton Nissan South has given away a car to a student with good grades. This year’s giveaway story was especially heartwarming.

Allyson Bivvins, the winner from the Shelbyville location, is a junior from Victory Baptist Academy. She succeeded in school this year despite personal trials. Allyson’s father just got out of the hospital on Friday for his first round of cancer treatment. Because of the crowd and potential for germs at the car giveaway event, Allyson’s father sat inside his car while the car giveaway was going on inside. When Allyson’s name was drawn, Allyson’s mom rushed out to the car to tell her dad the good news.

The annual contest, hosted by Newton Motor Group’s two Nissan dealerships, is open to all students enrolled in a middle Tennessee high school. Students enter the contest by bringing in their report card, and they get an entry for each “A” on their report card. Newton Nissan in Gallatin has given away a car for 8 straight years. Their newest Nissan location in Shelbyville has now hosted the giveaway for two straight years. 

A 2017 Nissan Versa, valued at $15,370, was the grand prize at each location. “Newton Nissan pays for both the car and sales taxes, so the winning students don’t have to pay anything for their new cars,” says Mike Abbondanza, Newton Motor Group’s Vice President. Producer Eddie from the Bobby Bones Show came in to DJ the event and officially give the car to Allyson.

More info: Car Giveaway   |   More info: Nissan Versa

Self-driving Cars in Nashville

Nashville, TN has been chosen as one of the ten cities, including Buenos Aires and Paris, around the world to work with Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Aspen Institute, moving forward and preparing for the arrival of self-driving vehicles. This means that Nashville will have access to data and coaching from urban planners so that the cities may research how to use the technology to address local challenges.

Even though she does not believe autonomous vehicles will solve all of the city’s traffic issues, Nashville Director of Transportation, Erin Hafkenschiel, says  she hopes the cars could be used to increase mobility for senior citizens and those with disabilities.

Self-driving vehicles are a fairly new concept, but over the past couple years, it has become normal to hear about them in conversation. From Google’s self-driving cars, that have now logged over 700,00 miles of accident-free driving time, to Uber’s self-driving truck that just made its first delivery of 50,000 beers, they are now very much a part of our reality. There is no telling what the future holds.

Nissan goes to Wartrace

Nissan Dealership goes to Wartrace HS

We got to spread the word about our car giveaway at Cascade High School, only 10 minutes away from our Nissan dealership in Shelbyville. The students were excited that they could win a completely free 2016 Nissan Versa — just for making good grades! Cascade high school is led by Mr. Tim Harwell and is home to the Champions. If you’re a student in Murfreesboro or the surrounding area, and you want to win a car, go to for more info. Our Nissan dealership in Shelbyville will be giving away the new Versa on June 3rd, 2016.